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Sports and Games available to enjoy

Pinpoint accuracy and exceptionally realistic, HD Sport Suite delivers more multiplayer fun per square foot than any home amenity available. Selectable difficulty settings level the playing field, creating playful competition and an ‘anyone-can-win’ experience.

"Let the Games begin!"

Time for you to choose what you want to play and enjoy

HD Golf

HD Golf delivers Incredible realism, accuracy and ease-of-use for an indoor golf experience with no comparison. Play Pebble Beach, St. Andrews or dozens of other REAL Championship Courses without ever leaving where you live!

Courses: Memphremagog, Muskoka Bay Resort, Pinnacle at Troon North, Pebble Beach, Jasper Park Lodge, Kauri Cliffs, Olympia Fields North Course, Links at Perry Cabin, Medinah, Cape Kidnappers, The Old Course at St. Andrews, Karsten Creek, Wold Creek, French Lick, Pinehurst #2, Bethpage Black, Blue Monster, Torrey Pines, Quail Hollow, Cabot Links, PGA National, Spyglass Hill, Nicklaus North, Pacific Dunes, Spanish Bay, Teeth of the Dog, Castle Course St Andrews, Jubilee Course St Andrews, Banff Springs, Cabo Del Sol, Toon North Monument, Rich Harvest Farms, Princeville and More!!!

Target Pro Tour

TARGET PRO TOUR is a set of high-energy, heart-pounding games guaranteed to spark competition between you & your family! We re-imagined the driving range and created games like Gambler, Sharpshooter, Domination and Eliminator within the HD Sport Suite Stadium. Simply put, the games are a sensory feast, including explosive targets, dynamic scoring and scalable challenges.

HD Footgolf

Play the most beautiful golf courses in the world…with a soccer ball.

Footgolf utilizes golf rules…but players kick a soccer ball instead of hitting a golf ball. It’s rewarding, low pressure and fantastic ‘Golf’ entry point. Particularly suited for all-ages fun , our integrated performance boost delivers inexperienced and younger players the fun results they want to experience.

HD Soccer

Players take aim and score on the HD Soccer Pitch! They can challenge either a computer opponent; or a fiend using the included controller.

Exciting play action from ranging distances and angles delivers thrilling family competition! Try the Target Competition or Timed Skills Competition for a multiplayer experience with no comparison!

HD Baseball


Rip a fastball down the middle and defeat the batter on our Major League inspired pitching mound. Little league to MLB sized ball diamonds, various pitching difficulties and ‘Powerboost’ ensure players of all ages and skill level have a great time. HD Baseball truly delivers America’s Favorite Pastime in a compelling new way. 

Players can even pass the included gaming controller to a team mate and alternate between batting & pitching for a true multiplayer battle.  

HD Basketball

Multiple real-world shooting positions and gaming scenarios ensure this INSTANT CLASSIC is a must have for your HD Sport Suite. Up to 6 players can compete together with automatic scoring and individual settings. Adjust net height and ball boost so even kids can drain a 3-pointer! Accuracy & speed drills, 3-point competitions, and good times for all-ages fun. Everyone’s favorite, around the world is of course included. 

HD Hockey

Impress clients or colleagues and pick the corner while they use the handheld controller or to control the goalie. Keep track of shots-on-net, puck speed and goals scored for fun competitions and bragging rights.

Exciting gaming scenarios, variable difficulty settings and ‘Powerboost’ ensures anyone can win! It’s easy for everyone to enjoy the adrenaline-pumping thrill only hockey delivers! 

HD Football


Imagine broadcasting the Super Bowl while customers compete in a Touchdown contest! Players go behind the snap and throw touchdowns on variable highlighted passing routes. They work down the field earning first downs for completed passes. Then, when in range, pick the right moment and connect with an eligible receiver for a touch down!

HD Handball

HD Handball delivers on an international level! Varied distances, opponent difficulty and Powerboost ensures everyone enjoys this olympic sport! Incredible goalie saves match the roar of the crowd and competition in the HD Sport Suite stadium!

HD Horseshoes

Enjoy a casual game of horseshoes at the HD Beach with friends. Crack a beverage and chase the sound only a ‘ringer’ can make! Suitable for all athletes, HD Horseshoes is a crowd favorite! Exciting visuals, integrated scoring and performance boost for younger players delivers fun for all.

HD Carnival

Enjoy our exciting range of classic carnival games! These all-ages favorites are fun for all-ages and exciting for both players AND spectators! Lighthearted fun is a great way to unwind after a long day!

Get ready to feel like a kid again with games like: Carnival Toss, Corn Hole and many more!

HD Dodgeball

Who knew a dodgeball would be so effective against the undead! We twist the original through an apocalyptic environment reminiscent of The Walking Dead. Zombies walk, shuffle and even run to you – their main course! Can you survive….or become what you fear most – a Zombie! Great for everyone with a penchant for the unconventional, HD Zombie Survival is an intensely fast-paced crowd pleaser!

HD Bocce

Head to the Garden with friends for some Bocce!

Take the pallino (‘bullet’ or ‘little ball’) in Italian , and toss it within the play area. It becomes the target , and the goal is throw your bocce balls as close to the pallino as possible. Players alternate throwing, and the point is awarded to the player closest to the target. Adjust gameplay for long and short games and setup a tournament with family and friends!

HD Bowling

Take the office Bowling! Automatic scoring, dramatic pin-action views and elusive 3-strike celebrations delivers immersive and realistic excitement for everyone. ‘Bumper Bowling’, a mode that inserts gutter bumpers into the game to keep the ball in play and spirits soaring.

HD Archery

Visit HD’s Medieval Castle for an Archery Tournament with friends! Grab your bow, safety arrows and prepare for excitement. Ranging target distances (25-45ft), arrow-performance boost and constantly changing wind conditions present challenging and unique shots every time! Adjust your aim based on variable conditions and go for the bullseye and maximum points! Earn an increasing amount points for on-target shots to defeat the competition and be the Castle Champion!

HD Hunting

HD Duck Hunt

As dawn breaks, settle into your blind and begin the hunt! Let the excitement build as you scan the horizon and ‘Call’ ducks. Shoot them on-the-wing with your HD Shotgun as they fly into range. Great for single and multiplayer!

HD Pheasant Hunting

Head to the fields with friends for exciting pheasant hunting! Shot difficulty and speed can increase your points and awards!

HD Rabbit Hunting

Hunt hare in the field with your trusty gun-dog. Scan for movement while he points and flushes quarry from cover. Shoulder your shotgun and take the shot. Fun and challenging, your prey’s speed and stunning agility keeps excitement up and your reflexes sharp! Single or multiplayer, varying levels of difficulty keep the novice to experienced hunter engaged and having a great time.

HD Wild Boar Hunting

Hunt packs of wild boar deep in the bayou. Your trusty AR with 20 round magazine makes short work of these easily spooked, highly-aggressive beasts. Short, medium and long-distance packs a wealth of challenging shots into every turn. Adjust difficulty for both single or multiplayer and incredible realism makes this fun for everyone!

HD Shooting

Sport Shooting

‘Pull!!’ You’ll love HD’s growing repertoire of Sport Shooting scenarios. Try Single Trap, Double Trap and Skeet with adjustable difficulty settings. Use the replica laser shotgun to break ‘clay pigeons’ in a fun, competitive environment! Various distances, ‘clay’ speed and patterns keep competition fun and scalable regardless of skill level and experience.

Target Shooting

Experience our Western Saloon Shoot, Carnival Shoot or save the world in Zombie Survival! Track shots-on-target and accuracy percentages with both pistols & shotguns. Have fun while becoming a crack shot! Integrated scoring and multi-player options ensure everyone has a great time!

Alien Assault

The fate of humanity…is in YOUR hands! Defend Area 51 from invading aliens with your pistol or assault rifle. Players of all ages & skill-levels are thrilled by this futuristic, multiplayer mayhem.

Zombie Survival

It’s you against the undead in our apocalyptic thriller! Scores of zombies attack while you defend with a pistol, shotgun or assault rifle. Single or multiplayer play-action combines with adjustable difficulty settings – ensuring players of all ages and skill levels have a great time.

HD Lacrosse

Our simulator brings the action and excitement only lacrosse delivers- direct to you. Precise measurements ensure ball spin and speed are incredibly accurate while multi-player competition can exciting without the bruises! Engaging play-action scenarios, reactionary targets and speed drills deliver a great day at the arena!


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