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Choose your Membership plan


    Summer Pass must be purchased at Gore FORE location
    Valid for 4 months
    • 1 hour per day free (after the hour, normal rate applies)
    • $15/person who doesn't have summer pass
    • Summer Pass can only be purchased at Gore FORE location
    • 1 hour per day from May 1st to end of August 2023
    • Summer Pass holder can combine hours
    • Excludes Parties and max of 6 people during the hour
    • non transferable
  • Platinum Plus

    Every month
    For the serious simulator enthusiast
    • Up to 1 hour per week free per Platinum Plus Member
    • Advanced tee time reservations
    • Free use of golf training equipment (cameras, pressure mat)
    • 50% off Long Drive, Closet to the Pin and putting contests
    • Invite to VIP Parties
    • Free Club Storage
    • Gore FORE Bag Tag
    • 20% off regular rate
  • Gold Plan

    Every month
    • 2 week advanced tee times
    • Free Club storage
    • 20% discounted hourly rate for the Gold Plan member
    • Gore FORE Bag Tag
    • Discounted rate for Training equipment
  • Par Plan

    Every month
    • 10% Discounted hourly rate
    • 1 week in advance tee times
    • Free club storage
    • Gore FORE Bag Tag
    • Discounted rate for Training equipment
  • Corporate Membership

    Every month
    Valid for 6 months
    • Club Storage, Room for meeting and setting up food/beverage
    • Extended reservations available
    • 5 hours per week free (max 2hrs)
    • Access to all training equipment featuring Jim Mclean
    • Includes other amenities of Platinum Membership
    • Can be customize to fit your needs
    • Gore FORE Bag Tags
    • Corporate logo will be displayed between games
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